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Digital Bulletin

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Sunday, October 29th, 2023





ONE: The Season of Stewardship inspires us in action, intentions, and heart.

ALL: Drags us out of the past to see the potential and possibilities present right now and in our future.  

One: Distracts us from our pre-scripted plans with Divine dreams bound in fresh questions. 

ALL: Declutters our imaginations so that over and over again we can begin anew.

One: Let us worship the One from whom Divine Imagination comes to birth new paradigms of life. Amen.  


OPENING SONG                       O For a Thousand Tongues to Sing”  UMH 57


CHILDREN’S MESSAGE                              


SPECIAL MUSIC 9:00 a.m.       Jim Charlier, guitarist


PASTORAL PRAYER                                                          




MESSAGE                                     Brandon Cauthon


STEWARDSHIP STORY                                                                     


DOXOLOGY                                 UMH 94  

CLOSING SONG                         “Amazing Grace”  UMH 378


BENEDICTION (Call & Response)

ONE: Brick by Brick

ALL: We lay a foundation of Love. 

ONE: Day by Day 

ALL: We find our strength in the Communities to which we Belong.

ONE: Moment by Moment

ALL: We surrender to the Hope and Promise of what is to come.     

ONE: Let us go in peace, to serve in peace. Amen. 





TODAY from 2pm - 5pm ( Costume Contest at 3:30pm)

32nd Avenue Between Lowell and Perry

NOTE: This is an entirely outdoor event (regardless of weather), so please bundle up if you

plan to come out! The Church will give out pumpkins for a suggested $5 donation. Proceeds

from the pumpkins will go to the resettlement of the refugee family. Don’t plan to come out

in the freezing cold? You can get your pumpkin in the Fellowship Hall after worship!



is Sunday, November 12th, at The Garage under the leadership of Brandon

Cauthon. Highlands UMC has committed to donating 250 pie crusts and 25 $20 grocery

store gift cards. Please drop off your donated items no later than Nov 12th at 12 pm.


Blue Cards

You are invited to fill out the blue card in your pew. You can use these cards to help

communicate change of addresses or numbers, sign up for the email list and/or Prayer Chain

email, thoughts, concerns, prayer requests, or a private dialogue request with

Pastor Stephanie. Prayer requests will go out midweek on our Prayer Chain email list unless

marked confidential. We love to hear from you!



Monica Rabino is on Bereavement Leave until December 9th. Pastor

Stephanie has taken on her duties until she returns. Additionally, during the transition with

our bookkeeping services, please contact Pastor Stephanie at

if you need assistance with your online donation or giving statements.

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